Indonesia - Surabaya Humanitarian Assistance Project

Sister Hana with some of the children she has rescued
Indonesia, 2005

This is Hana Ananda, or Ibu (Sister) Hana as she is called in Indonesia. Ibu Hana runs a charity called Pondok Kasih in Surabaya, Indonesia. Surabaya is the country’s second largest city, and home to millions of poor people. Ibu Hana’s service is to the poorest of the poor in Surabaya. She has been called the “Mother Teresa” of Indonesia because of her indiscriminate love for poor and sick people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

HISG has partnered with Ibu Hana and Pondok Kasih since 2005. Ibu Hana distributes food to thousands of people each week; her foundations include an elderly home, an orphanage, several low-cost health clinics in poor neighborhoods and a community center that is thriving, where two other organizations failed. This community center provides health and hygiene classes, English classes, computer training, and trade skills training for people in the area.

For Ibu Hana, the driving force is her love for the people. HISG personnel spent time with Ibu Hana in Surabaya and watched her hug and help orphans, widows, sick children, homeless people and inmates at a mental hospital. Because of her history of helping the most helpless members of every community, she is welcomed in dangerous slums where other charities will dare not visit.

HISG is proud to partner with Ibu Hana and support the work she is doing for the people of Indonesia. If you would like to help with this project, please contact HISG.

This project has been tagged as a Holistic Integrated Sustainable Transformation project. Of the 12 HIST Primary Service Categories, activities took place in these areas.
Holistic Integrated Sustainable Transformation
1. Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

2. Arts, Entertainment and Sports

3. Economic Development

4. Information, Communications, Technology

5. Education
6. Family Development, Support

7. Government

8. Security, Justice, and the Rule of Law

9. Health, Hygiene

10. Medical
11. Infrastructure

12. Non-Profit Organizations
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