Tue. April 08, 2014. 12:33 PM

Urgent Response to Ebola Outbreak in Africa

From Terrence McCoy on

It began early this year in the forested villages of southeast Guinea. For months, the infected went undiagnosed. It wasn’t until March 23 ... READ MORE.

Sat. March 22, 2014. 6:11 PM

Training For Refugees in Lebanon

BEIRUT, LEBANON- Lebanon, a country of just 4 million people, has had to manage an enormous influx of nearly 1 million refugees in the past 24 months. This has put ... READ MORE.

Thu. March 13, 2014. 3:08 PM

HISG Disaster Response Training in Georgia

TBILISI, GEORGIA- The Republic of Georgia is a former Soviet state that gained independence in 1991. It's located on the Black Sea, where Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Central ... READ MORE.

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